Monday, January 14, 2013

CC Blog Hop and GIU Winners

Over the weekend, there was a GREAT Crop Chocolate blog hop.  I'm so honored to be part of their design team with some incredibly talented ladies.  On my post, I posted four facts and a lie and promised to draw a name of those who guessed my lie correctly!  Well, here goes:

Fact 1:  My dog, Pete, has one leg slightly shorter than the other and always looks like he's leaning.
--- Truth.  When we picked him up at the shelter, we fell in love with him because he was leaning against the gate just slightly.  My boys and I thought it was because he loved us!  Little did we know at the time that he always leans!   He's a great dog! 

Fact 2:  My first job was as a bus-girl at a truck stop when I was 15.
--- Truth.  My dad was a California Highway Patrol officer and went in there regularly for coffee.  He helped me get the job there. I worked there for four years (one as a bus-girl and three as a waitress).  The nickname of the truck stop was Pantyhose Junction because we wore mini-skirts.  Quite the place!

Fact 3:  When my dear husband and I married, he was wearing shorts.
--- Truth.  We wore matching Hawaiian clothes - my dress and his shirt.  We even ordered orchid leis from Hawaii!  We also asked our guests to wear their luau attire.  We married in my parents backyard in August - it was hot....but everyone was cool and relaxed.
Fact 4:  My first car was a mint-green Pinto.
--- Lie.  My first car was a blue Toyota Corolla liftback.  Great car.  By the way, many of you disbelieved in the mint green Pinto's existence.  Well, disbelieve no more!  It wasn't mine....but it does exist!

Fact 5:  I almost always have some sappy movie on when I'm crafting and/or updating my blog.
-- Truth.  Love them.  Christmas sappy movies are my fave.

I drew a name of those who guessed my lie correctly.....drumroll - the WINNER is POLLYZAS! 

Last week, I was also the Growing in Unity girl at Unity Stamp Company.  I really loved and appreciated the comments on my blog!  SO fabulous.  I used a random number generator on the number of comments.  The winner of the TWO Itty-Bitty stamps is MICHELINA!

Congratulations to the two winners, please email me....  karey2005 at sbcglobal dot net

Craftily yours,

Karen (karey2005)


  1. I'm so thrilled! Thank you so much!!!!!!! :0)

  2. Congrats, Michelina and Pollyzas! :) And that's too funny about the car!

  3. Congrats to the winners love the pinto picture

  4. Thanks, doing the happy dance :)