Friday, December 30, 2022

December - Days 18 and 19

 More pages for my December Day-by-Day album using products from Elizabeth Craft Design's Planner Essentials line. So fun!

Day 18's prompt is "Ugly Christmas Sweater." at a Sacramento King's game, Mike and I met former Sacramento King Brad Miller. He's SO tall....and he happened to be wearing one of the ugliest sweaters ever! I love that there's a crown in the reinforcements set to go with this page so perfectly! Again on this page, I took inspiration from one of Annette's pages posted in the ECD Planners facebook page. She's so good!

Day 19's prompt is "Christmas Tree." I love the tree frame from Planner Essentials 47! (Sorry to have to cover the photos, but Mike's grand is in them, and I didn't feel comfortable posting her picture on my blog...)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Craftily yours, Karen

Thursday, December 29, 2022

December - Days 14 through 17

 Having such fun creating my December Day-by-Day with the Planner Essentials line from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Here's Days 14 through 17!

I used the File Folder Set one on these pages and cut the holes with the hole-cutter in the Planner Essentials 5 set. Day 14's prompt is a "Favorite Tradition." One of my favorite work traditions is my office holiday party. I purchase about 50 white elephant gifts for my staff and they do an exchange of them. It's so much fun.

Day 15's prompt is "Sparkle" - so I added some ECD glittered stars to a picture of us and our friends out for dinner being surrounded by a sparkly arch!

And Day 17's prompt is "Music" - so the fun we had at my honey's work party with the Mariachi band seemed appropriate. I love that huge musical staff from the Library Pocket Filler Cards!

Thank you for stopping by! More to come soon!

Craftily yours, Karen

Monday, December 26, 2022

December - Day 25

I'm a little out of order here, but that's ok. I wanted to get my December Day-by-Day for December 25 ready for my post over at Elizabeth Craft Designs today!

How fun is this folder page?! And one of my favorite releases from Joset was last year's holiday release which included these adorable Gnomes.

I don't have pictures yet (because I worked on this prior to Christmas!), but I'll add them to the tags on the front of the page.

The back of the page includes another adorable gnome! The only paper that is not part of the Christmas Lives Here collection is the green snowflakes (which is G45). The love, Santa ribbon was tying together a package I received. I took it off for this page!

Craftily yours, Karen

Friday, December 23, 2022

December - Days 11 and 12

 Merry Holidays, Everyone. As we head towards a beautiful Christmas, I am posting a couple more days of my December day-by-day using projects from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Day 11's prompt is "Happy Place." My happy place is outside, having fun and beautiful sunsets.

Next up is Day 12. The prompt is "My Love." I have many.  On the right side is my honey. On the left, I put my children and our dogs on tags. 

And the final page for today's post is Day 13. The prompt is "Stocking." I used the fun stocking die from Elizabeth Craft Designs and used pictures of presents I've been wrapping and cards I've made and have been sending.

Most of the paper is from the Christmas Lives here collection, except the base of day 11/12 (which is G45). Thank you for stopping by today!

Craftily yours,  Karen

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

December - Days 9 and 10

 Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out today's post. I'm doing a December daily scrapbook using products from Elizabeth Craft Designs (mostly). Today's post features days 9 and 10. Day 9's prompt is Best News Today. My best news was being home from a very fun road trip and enjoying a relaxing day, so it features just a few fun pictures that I took on my Route 66 trip.

Day 10's prompt is Decorate. I'm going to be honest here. There are no pictures because I'm not done decorating. OMG, I am usually done a day or two after Thanksgiving. With the road trip this year, I am way behind. Eventually, I'll get some pictures added.

The products I used from Elizabeth Craft Designs are linked up below. Merry Christmas everyone!

Craftily yours, Karen

Saturday, December 17, 2022

December - Days 7 and 8

 Still continuing to make pages for my December Day-by-Day using the Planner Essentials line from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Day 7's prompt is "Sweet" - and nothing is sweeter than my guy's dog, Sadie. I used the Sidekick pages from Annette's December Class to inspire these full-sized pages.

Day 8's prompt was "Favorite Christmas Movie." While the sweet snowman doesn't really fit with Sedona, I didn't care. He's awfully cute and is indicative of my favorite Christmas movie - Frosty!

I loved how Annette made a pocket out of the rounded rectangle die from the Sidekick 25 set, so I did the same on my full page. Here's what I tucked inside.

Love love love making these pages that will surely be a treasure for years to come. The paper and dies I used for these pages are linked up below, except the Planner Essentials 1 that I couldn't find on the list (but is available on the ECD Website here!).  Thank you for stopping by!

Craftily yours, Karen

Thursday, December 15, 2022

December - Days 5 and 6

 Posting more pages for my December Day-by-Day scrapbook using the Planner Essentials line from Elizabeth Craft Designs.

The prompt for Day 5 was "Fireplace" - but I read it wrong as "Me time" (which was actually day 4)! So confused.  It's ok; I love these selfies from an old ghost town on Route 66 (that was VERY windy!) and from Roswell, NM.

Day 6 prompt was "Create a Tag" - but I was off a day so I did Day 5's prompt "Fireplace" - using the fun new Cozy Fireplace from Joset's Designs. I thought it's old-timey style worked well anyway with the pictures I got from Lincoln County (where Billy the Kid made his last great escape).

A list of dies I used from Elizabeth Craft Designs is below. The paper from these pages is G45. Thank you for stopping by to check out Days 5 and 6.

Craftily yours, Karen

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

December - Day 4

Posting another Planner Essentials page using dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Day 4's prompt was "Me Time" - I used the Warm Winter Mug from Joset's Designs as a pocket. Nothing says "Me Time" like a cup of warm cocoa during the holiday season.

I tucked a couple of tags into the circle behind the mug. The face on the mug is the new Mrs. Claus. She is so sweet!

The pictures are part of our road trip - when we went to Roswell, New Mexico. I love the alien streetlamps dressed with a holiday hat! The dies I used from Elizabeth Craft Designs are listed below. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

Craftily yours, Karen

Monday, December 12, 2022

Start of December Day-by-Day

 Excited to be on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog today sharing the following pages that are the start of my December Day-by-Day. I make one of these every year now, and they are an absolute treasure. Elizabeth Craft Designs has put out the following prompts as inspiration:

For my cover page, I used Joset's new Santa Claus and the gorgeous Christmas Lives Here paper.

Then - I used the prompt "Let the Fun Begin" to inspire my first page. The picture is my boyfriend, his dog and me taking off on a road trip!

Day 2's prompt is "My Favorite Colors."  Mike and I visited the Grand Canyon in Arizona. I was struck by the number of beautiful colors of nature.

All of the fabulous dies and other products I used from Elizabeth Craft Designs are listed below.

Craftily yours, Karen

Sunday, December 11, 2022

December - Day 3

 I absolutely love doing the December Day by Day Planner Essentials Scrapbook using products from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Here's today's post inspired by the prompt "Gifts".  I used the gift page topper from the Sidekick Essentials 24 to satisfy the prompt.

Day 3, we were traveling along Route 66 from Arizona to New Mexico. I was so excited to stand on the corner in Winslow Arizona. The Mesa was a very fun restaurant along the way. Love the old neon sign. The dies from Elizabeth Craft Designs are linked up below. I used G45 paper for this particular page.

Craftily yours, Karen

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Believe - Santa and his Penguin

 More Christmas card fun today with dies by Joset over at Elizabeth Craft Designs. In these cards I used the new Santa Claus from the Warm & Cozy collection and the adorable Penguin from a previous holiday time.

These cards are posted on the Elizabeth Craft Designs blog today, and all of the fun details are there.

Craftily yours, Karen

Friday, November 25, 2022

Cherish Every Moment

 I've been creating a fun scrapbook for Sadie, my boyfriend's dog, using the Planner Essentials line from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Here's the newest page:

Yes, that is Sadie eating special doggy ice cream! She loves it!

She is so good and doesn't eat the cup. It makes her so happy to have this special treat, and it makes him happy to give it to her. Sadie has been battling cancer for about 7 months now, so we are, indeed, cherishing every moment.

The supplies used from Elizabeth Craft Designs are listed below. I used the Fitted Circles for the ice cream and just cut a triangle for the cone.

Thank you for stopping by today!

Craftily yours, Karen

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Jingle, Jingle

 Jingle, Jingle - Christmas is coming! A great and fun way to make your Christmas cards easy is by using some of Joset's Cozy & Warm Collection from Elizabeth Craft Designs!

Like this fun and easy card:

How fun is that Holiday Stocking with the bells?!  The set also comes with some really great patterns and toppers.  The paper in this card is from either TH or G45.  (They were scraps, so I'm not 100% sure!  LOL)

Craftily yours,  Karen

Friday, November 11, 2022

Christmas Fun

 I'm SO far behind in making Christmas cards, but I'm doing my best to catch up. Here's a couple using the fun new collection from Joset at Elizabeth Craft Designs.

Love that sweater from the Sweater Season I think that the new Mrs. Clause couldn't be cuter! The sentiments on both cards are from the Holiday Treats set.

Craftily yours, Karen

Sunday, November 6, 2022

What's That?

More for Sadie's book. Sadie is my boyfriend's dog, and I am creating a scrapbook for  him of the dog's adventures.  I'm using the Planner Essentials line from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Without further ado, here is the new page 1:

Sadie loves to run!  Here's a couple pictures of her zooming around!

Mike takes her out into the field and says "what's that?" She runs SO fast if a rascally rabbit jumps out! The Planner Essentials products I used are linked up below except the Planner Essentials 9 (that - for some reason - I couldn't find on the library...)  If you search it from their site, you'll definitely find it!

Craftily yours, Karen

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Fancy Fun

 My guy and I went to an event recently sponsored by the Sacramento Kings for people who have access to basketball tickets in Row One. (We don't have tickets, but his company does and we are lucky enough to get to go to this event!)  They had special menus with each of our names on them, so I adhered them together with 101mm Double Sided Adhesive and then die cut the page with the Sidekick Essentials 23 die. 

How fun! I love the addition of the gold star edge (comes in the same set, but I cut the edge off).

I used letters from Planner Essentials 23 that I cut 101mm Double Sided Adhesive to make them easier to stick. I cut them in black to keep them subtle.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Craftily yours, Karen