Friday, June 14, 2013

Stickled Dad

Over at the All That Stickles blog, my design team post is up.  The current linky party challenges you to make a project with Distress Stickles - ANY Distress Stickles.  Fun! 

Father's Day is tomorrow!  For my Distress Stickles project I downloaded this super cute Father's Day card from the Silhouette Store.  The sentiment is from a Unity Stamp of the Week.  I used Tumbled Glass Distress Stickles on the ribbon and to highlight a couple lines on the paper! 

This card is going to the best father in the whole wide world - my dad!  This is my dad a few days ago after some damn fool ran a stop sign and hit him.  His bike was in two pieces, and my dad is probably going to have to have knee replacement surgery now.  Thank God the guy had slowed down or it could have been much worse.   

He looks so sad holding his broken bike.  Aws.  I'm super thankful to have such a wonderful, daddy - this one's for you!

Craftily yours,

Karen (karey2005)


  1. OMG, Karen! Your dad's lucky he's not in 2 pieces like that bike! Tell him he looks awesome and fit! Great card -- I love it!

  2. This card is soooo awesome!!!! Your dad is going to love it!!! I am so sorry that his bike is broken...he sure does look sad :( However, I am so happy that he is ok!!! Sending prayers up for him!!!