Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Black Friday

Happy Black Friday, Friends with Flair!

I hope y'all had a super happy Thanksgiving.  Soooooooooooo what I wanna know is, are you out shopping?  Or does the thought of fighting the crowds on Black Friday unnerve you as much as it does me?

As for me, I spent my Thanksgiving with my mother- and father-in-law in Oregon.  Nice time with family we don't get to see much!

For my post this week, I'm posting the card that I made with 18 of my co-workers/staff this week.  We call it crafter-lunch.  Basically, I design a card and then bring all the supplies for everyone to make it.  We learn a new technique each month.  Since most of them are fairly new to paper-crafting, it's easy to come up with new techniques for them.  This month, we learned paper piecing with this adorable little "Simple Snowman Joy" from Unity Stamp of the Week.

I love crafter lunch!  It's just a great time to all get together and have fun.  Everyone else seems to love it too!

Craftily yours,



  1. Such a cute card! Your crafter lunch sounds wonderful!

  2. Crafter lunch sounds like so much fun!! And the card is adorable!!

  3. I'd love crafter lunch, too! Your paper pieced snowman is Da Bomb!

  4. Great card and what a fabulus idea to craft with coworkers!

  5. He is so cute. The little pearl in his snowball is sweet too. The colors are very a very pretty combination. Sounds like it'd be fun to have 'crafty lunch' weekly. Thanks for sharing your snowman.

  6. Such a sweet card! Love his "snowball"! What a fun lunch bunch of crafters! :)