Friday, July 6, 2012

Too many pics?

So, pretty much every time I take a picture of my DH and I, he makes a funny face.  So, I tell him, "this time just smile..." And of course, he makes another face.  It takes a lot of patience to get him to just take a regular picture, but I'm a patient girl.

Then I wonder, maybe I take too many pictures?  Hmmm....  Nah.

Maybe when I show him that I've posted his funny faces on the internet, he'll stop?  Hmmm.... Nah.

It was a fun page to scrap though!  I used EP Happy Days paper (black, teal and flowers) and EP Paradise Beach for the green flag.  The ribbon is from a clearance pack I got from Webster's, and the flowers are.....well, just flowers I had. The largest flower was inked with a TH Sapphire.

Here's the page:

My handwriting is awful, but everyone's been telling me that journaling by hand is the way to go.  Hmmm....  Nah.  (lol!)

Craftily yours,

Karen (karey2005)

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