Monday, July 9, 2012

Pen Cup

This week's challenge on Crop Chocolate was to create, "A home decor project or altered item using neutrals and one main focal color."  This is one thing that I love about this website - the challenges.  This particular challenge had me a bit stumped.  I've tried altered art.....but haven't liked anything I've done very much.  I've never done home decor, but I sure have a lot of projects on pinterest that I've wanted to try.  It's a challenge though.  It's like a "double-dog-dare."  Here's what I did.

I went to Target dollar bucket and purchased this:

I covered it with a "neutral" light pink color from the Kioshi paper I bought on CC. I cut some flowers out of a Dots and Stripes paper, added some ribbon and came up with:

Wellllll, do I love it?  I don't know yet.  It'll be useful, and I do have lots of ideas for other simple home decor items. Watch the blog; something will be done soon.  (maybe)

Leave me a comment with some ideas of simple home decor you have done.  I'd love the inspiration...

Craftily yours,

Karen (karey2005)

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  1. Great transformation! I need to look at mine and see if I can spice it up some. : )

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations