Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coral Lay-outs

So I decided to try to do the Coral series of scrapbook lay-out sketches for Scrapbook Steals. I wanted the motivation to do at least one scrapbook page per week.  Wellllllllll, I did it and I did them all on time!  Woo hoo!

Here are links to all the lay-outs I did over the last several weeks.

Coral 1 - Graduation Party, Page 1
Coral 2 - Graduation Party, Page 2
Coral 3 - Sugarland Concert
Coral 4 - Silly Fun
Coral 5 - My Brian
Coral 6 - My Mess
Coral 7 - After, My Craft Area
Coral 8 - Camping with Friends
Coral 9 - Camping Cows

and (drum roll), here is Coral 10....and the sketch used to inspire it.  It's a lay-out with a picture of the hubby and I at a Marina party....and the next morning, a picture of my car with a broken window :(  Oh well, got most of my stuff back....

Craftily yours,

Karen (karey2005)

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