Monday, December 31, 2012

Projects - My Top 10 for 2012

Some of my Crop Chocolate fellow design team members have been creating their top 10 projects of 2012.  I thought it sounded like fun.  Here are my favorites....

I made this mini for a contest....and won.  It's one of my all-time faves.... :)

I made this for my very first design team try-out with Crop Chocolate.  I really love it.  It's hanging in my new craft room....

I made a bunch of these tuna can / clothespin holders for Christmas this year.  This is my favorite one that I gave to my mom.

A Christmas card that I did for a challenge at Crop Chocolate.  Love the patterned heart ornaments...

My tags at Christmas.  Love that penguin with the googly eyes!

Dishpan Dave is always good for a giggle.

Scraplifted from Amber...but it's Karen... :)

I love this colorful butterfly card.

Frazzled, what can I say?  Someone asked me if they opened up from the wrong side.  They look like it.  They should - what a great idea!!   But no....they do open the proper way.

And last but not least.  A LO of my Brian showing his turkey at the county fair.  This was my first "design" piece as a guest designer at Crop Chocolate. 

Here's to a very Happy 2013 :-)

Karen (karey2005)


  1. Fantastic projects, Karen! I love the 'K' you did!

  2. The mini is gorgeous!! very nice year you had :-)

  3. Great projects!You had so many good ones but I love your sentiment..stop me before I volunteer again...I should chant that all day....

  4. Great projects Karen!!! I love them all!!

  5. Beautiful mini! I really wanted to craftlift your K the first times I saw it, but my initial is L and I didn't think it would be as fun! Maybe I will eventually do one. Great projects!

  6. aww Karen!! how GREAT!! They're all wonderful! Onto 2013 and tons of great new projects!!